Design Facilities

Design Facilities

AB Engineering’s plant is custom-designed and built to function with different systems.

  • CAD based JIG,C/F & tooling based on International standards.
  • CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM solutions are used for development. The following latest software for CAD.CAM and CAE allows the company to keep a tight check on quality and also helps to reduce the manufacturing cost & time.
  • Software for CAD:


Pro-Engineer Wildfire


  • Software for CAM:

Pro-E Wildfire

Master CAM


  • Software for CAE:



  • Sheet metal forming and drawing analysis are carried out before die design, which only ensures increased products’ strength but also help to reduce defects.
  • Problems of wrinkles spring back & crack; sheet metal forming are resolved by carrying out blanking & drawing analysis before die design.
  • CAE working is carried out with simulation.